Leading the business jet market

Our Aerospace segment is recognized as a leading producer of business jets and the standard bearer in aircraft repair, support and completion services. We have earned our reputation through superior aircraft design, quality, performance, safety and reliability; technologically advanced flight deck and cabin systems; and industry-leading customer support. 

We believe the key to long-term value creation in the business jet industry is steady investment in new aircraft models and technologies and in customer service capabilities. As a result, since we acquired Gulfstream over 20 years ago, we have made significant investments in research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and maintenance and support through a combination of product development efforts, capital expansion and the acquisition of Jet Aviation's global support network. 

Gulfstream produces the world's most technologically advanced business aircraft and offers unmatched global product support and service.

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Jet Aviation provides comprehensive business aviation services, custom completions and a global network of facilities to aircraft owners and operators.

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